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Clifton is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable and provided great detail and clarity in the classroom. At the range he was incredibly patient and helpful. He was very supportive to the entire class. The was an exceptional experience overall start to finish. - Don F June 11th, 2024 (DC Concealed Carry Course)

Attending the Advanced Concealed Carry Fundamentals class on March 3rd, 2024, led by instructor Clifton Chambers at 2nd AmendTraining, was an enlightening experience that far exceeded my expectations. As a military member, I approached the course with a substantial background in firearms and tactics. Yet, I found myself impressed by the depth and relevance of the curriculum presented. Clifton Chambers demonstrated a rare level of expertise and professionalism. His instruction was informative and engaging, making complex concepts easily understandable and relevant to real-world scenarios. His ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application was exceptional, ensuring that every participant, regardless of prior experience, could gain valuable insights. The Advanced Concealed Carry Fundamentals class was meticulously organized and covered a wide range of topics essential for responsible and effective concealed carry. From the legal aspects of carrying concealed to the psychological and ethical considerations, the course provided a comprehensive overview that I found immensely valuable. The practical sessions were particularly beneficial, offering a hands-on experience that reinforced the theoretical lessons and honed our skills to a higher level of proficiency. What set this course apart for me, as a military member, was the emphasis on situational awareness, decision-making under pressure, and the importance of maintaining a high level of preparedness. These principles resonate strongly with my military training, yet Clifton Chambers presented them in a fresh and highly applicable context to civilian concealed carry. The environment at 2nd AmendTraining was welcoming and conducive to learning, emphasizing safety and respect for all participants. The facilities were top-notch, and the equipment provided was of high quality, further enhancing the learning experience. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Advanced Concealed Carry Fundamentals class at 2nd AmendTraining, particularly under the guidance of Clifton Chambers. For military members and civilians alike, this course offers invaluable lessons that go beyond mere firearm handling, instilling a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and skills required for effective concealed carry. I thank Clifton Chambers and the 2nd AmendTraining team for an outstanding educational experience. - Leander O March 3rd, 2024 (Advanced Concealed Carry Fundamentals)

I’ve taken courses with other NRA instructors. Clifton is one of a kind. With him you’re going to get white glove treatment, deep insightful discussion, and training that will keep you smart, ready, and safe. I highly recommend Clifton. He’s now my go-to instructor for all trainings and certification renewals. Thank you USCCA!!! - John G February 11th, 2024 (DC Concealed Carry)

The class was great, as well as the instructor and he was very knowledgeable. The class was very informative and interesting with active movement drills, not just death by PowerPoint . Highly recommend and I would go back for renewals & other advanced training techniques. - Dajona J. February 4th, 2024 (DC Concealed Carry)

I’ve taken several training courses, and this was by far the best. Our instructor, Cliff Chambers, (2nd Amendment Training) carefully explained the subject matter, repeated asked for questions, and engaged us in dialogue. In addition, we had excellent safety focussed and practical pistol scenarios. At the range, he was a great range instructor, with several other shooters inquiring if he was an instructor. All the participants in our group passed both the written and shooting portions of our multi state (UT, VA, MD, DC, PA) concealed carry permit class. I’m looking forward to taking another class with him, and recommend him without reservation! - Jay Evans. January 28rd, 2023 (DC Concealed Carry)

Despite the fact that I'm not a well-experienced shooter, I received praise from staff at the gun range as I was leaving because of how good my shots looked on my target. I credit Clifton for that. He gave ample opportunity for questions and revisiting hands-on practice concepts during the classroom portion of the course. At the range, he gave consistent feedback, reinforcing techniques that were proper and correcting those that weren't. When helping adjust my form, Clifton creatively helped me connect the dots on what my barriers to proper aim were, and he gave clear and effective instructions on how to resolve them. I highly recommend his courses! You'll definitely leave feeling more confident in your abilities and knowledge of safe practices. - Tameka P. December 23rd, 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)

I’m a first-time shooter who took the Maryland HQL class led by certified firearms instructor Clifton and I had a wonderful experience learning how to use a firearm safely and responsibly. During the classroom portion of the class, he’s great about going over the basic rules of handling a firearm and teaching you how to pick up, hold, grip, and shoot a pistol properly. During the one-hour of pistol instruction that takes place at a nearby range after class, he’s excellent at making sure you feel comfortable and helping you with proper breathing and correcting your form and grip to have better aim. He’s also really good about responding to email and answering my numerous questions, such as what would be a good first gun for me based on how I shot at the range and my hand size. He knows firearms and I highly recommend training with him if you’re a first-time shooter like me or someone looking to advance their firearms skills. - Jeffrey M. December 5th, 2023 (Maryland HQL)

I was very nervous as it was my first time in a pistol class. Clifton is an amazing and very patient instructor. While I initially struggled with some of the concepts, he walked me through them and built my confidence in shooting. - Denisha E. November 27, 2023 (Women's Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry)

Clifton was a great instructor. He was well informed and provided a lot of practical fire arm usage exercises and scenarios into the lesson plan. As a beginner, I left the class feeling knowledgable about conceal carry, fire arm safety and usage, and shooting. - November 26, 2023 (DC Concealed Carry)

Great instructor both skill and knowledgeable. The instructor has an amazing passion for teaching. Very helpful and willing to explain in great detail. - Cherell A November 11, 2023 (DC Concealed Carry)

Clifton was knowledgeable and provide hands-on training and education. He’s passionate and thorough. I’d recommend this course to others looking for their certification or looking to be competent with a firearm. - Elizabeth M November 4th, 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)

Clifton was extremely knowledgeable about the material, which he presented clearly and effectively. During the range session, he provided me with excellent instruction which definitely helped me improve. Overall, great class and instructor, I highly recommend. - Jonah M October 21, 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)

A very good course. I have years of police and military weapons training but learned many new things I did not know. - Kent F October 1, 2023 (DC Concealed Carry)

Clifton was a great firearms instructor! He was very interactive with us during the lessons and engaging. I like how everything was hands-on with demonstrations so when we got to the range to actually shoot, it was all that we practiced. Great job! - Imani M September 30, 2023 (Women's Basic Pistol)

The class was awesome. Clifton was a great teacher. The class was a good mix of lecture and hands on experience. I will be taking his classes from here on out. - Christian J August 19, 2023 (DC Concealed Carry)

The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. I definitely will be back for renewal. - Adeanas G August 12, 2023 (DC / MD Wear & Carry Renewal)

Instructor was very knowledgeable, respectful, patient and kind. He made me feel like any question I asked, regardless of how simple the answer could have been is important and necessary. Really goes over all the material and laws in a fun and entertaining way. Highly recommend this instructor/class. Very professional. - David M May 31, 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)

Instructor was great. Hands-on class made me more confident during range portion. I also liked how he had a variety of guns and let us all try them to feel them out. I feel ready to defend my loved ones if ever needed or just have fun on the range! - Sabrina M May 27, 2023. (Women's Basic Pistol & Concealed Carry Course)

Really enjoyed this course and all of the hands on training. I walked in very nervous but all of that went away when all of my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. I absolutely love the duel concept of the course (in-class portion) which allows you the time and space to ask questions and the (range portion) that you get to put what you learned to use and still ask questions, with one-on-one time with the instructor. 10/10 would recommend! - Darnisha M May 27, 2023 (Women's Basic Pistol & Concealed Carry Course)

This class was excellent. I appreciate all the effort Clifton put into making it a fantastic experience. His guidance and knowledge were invaluable, and I am grateful for everything he did for me. The class was very interactive, and he took the time to answer all of my questions while not hesitating to stop in the middle of his presentation if I had anymore. At the beginning of the course, I was moving timid, but by the end, I learned so much and felt much more confident moving forward. The course is split between a didactic in-class portion and the range at another location. During the range, Clifton ensured I was very comfortable before shooting. He gave constructive criticism of my form and even demonstrated it so I could see for myself. He was very motivating and offered a lot of positive feedback from beginning to end. Even if this is your first shooting, you are in good hands. I cannot recommend this course enough. - Devante T May 26, 2023 (DC / MD Wear & Carry Renewal)

Clifton was a phenomenal instructor! Even though I’ve been training with pistols for years, he still showed me some new stuff to improve on. - Jarod F April 30, 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)

This was an awesome course! My instructor took his time explaining everything from start to finish and made sure I was comfortable once we got to the shooting range. Would definitely recommend that anyone in the DMV area take this course. - Summer S March 4th 2023 (Multi-State Concealed Carry)